03 12 / 2011

Back when Anheuser-Busch was owned by an American I went out with a dude who worked in their IT department. One of the perks of dating an AB employee were the monthly cases of beer and beer stipend. So I got over the fact that he had blond hair and was a little socially inept. 

We maybe went on 3 dates and if my memory serves me correctly he only ever bought me beer (see monthly beer stipend). The dates were pretty generic and uneventful so the reason I even remember him is because of a personal detail he once mentioned to me. 

In a random dinner conversation the dude told me he made 90K a year. 

Okay, great. Good for him. I can only guess that he told me the detail to impress me but in reality it agitated me because he still refused to pay for dinner. But the lack of wooing didn’t phase me at the time and I ended up going on another date with him and eventually seeing his house.

When I walked into his house I was taken back. There was no furniture except a big flat screen TV and two lawn chairs. No dining room table, no bedroom furniture. Just absolutely nothing. So I inquired as to how long he lived there and he told me over a year. Well then, where do you eat? To which he responded that he didn’t spend a lot of time at his house. So…where do you stay?

I usually just stay at my parent’s house about a mile from here. I don’t like being alone.

It should come as no surprise as to why this story ends with me walking out of his cold, unfurnished house and never speaking to him again.